Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday 8/24 Results

Waterford Speedbowl Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday 8/24 Results

Dimatteo takes Legends victory, Sowa wins Bandolero national qualifier;

Porter, Garside, Morin and Lee others to nail down checkered flags

Waterford, CT (August 24, 2011) Waterford Speedbowl returned Wednesday evening with another night of Wild ‘n Wacky motorsports action.  Scoring victories included Dana Dimatteo of Farmington who rebounded from a wreck Saturday night to win the Legends Cars, while Nicholas Sowa of Middletown and Ken Morin Jr. of Old Saybrook split twin Bandolero features with Sowa earning a guaranteed starting position in the Bandoleros Nationals later this month at Kentucky Motor Speedway by virtue of his win.  Jon Porter of Canterbury rebounded from an off-season injury to reach victory lane in just his third start of the year in the Super X-Cars.  Chris Garside of Waterford took down the hometown win in the X-Cars while Christopher Lee of Uncasville came out on top of an action-packed Wacky Race.

The 20-lap Legends Cars feature was led to the green flag by veteran racer Ed Field.  Two false starts for incidents back in the pack kept the action from getting underway, but once the field raced clean through lap-1 it was Field showing the way.  Dimatteo took over on lap-2 inside Field, looking strong and poised to bounce back from a wreck on Saturday.  Newcomer Matthew Pappa raced to second position in just his second Speedbowl start.  Caution slowed the pace on lap-5 once again.

Dimatteo restarted well to resume command.  Dave Garbo Jr. raced his way from the back of the pack into third on lap-6.  The top three remained unchanged through lap-9 when caution waved again.  During the delay to racing, Garbo retired his car with mechanical failure.

Dimatteo restarted strong over two final restarts ahead of Pappa.  Pappa had a strong car but was unable to gain opportunity to make a challenge for the win on Dimatteo, who scored his fifth victory of the Wednesday season.   Pappa and Field rounded out the podium finishers.  Joe Mucciacciaro started at the tail of the field and finished in fourth, while Angelo Belsito was fifth.   Results posted were unofficial pending technical inspection.

The first of twin 20-lap Bandolero features got off to a wild start.  Nicholas Sowa took the early race lead over Joey Ternullo, Rachel Forte and Taylor Martin.  Behind the leaders, several other cars were battling three and four-wide over the opening circuits. 

Lap-3 saw things go downhill for many.  Ternullo dropped off the pace exiting turn four, surrendering his runner-up position. As the field raced to turn one, contact between A.J. Eastman and Derek Debbis eventually collected several others including Jacob Perry, Ken Morin Jr., Cory Dimatteo, Corey Comeroski and Jordan Lamothe.  The red flag came out after the accident, which resulted in multiple cars piled in the turn two wall.  All the drivers were ok following the wreck.

The incident was the only caution of the event and after the green flag returned, Sowa went unchallenged the remainder of the way to the victory, his first on the year.  Daniel Stolte took second place from Martin on the restart but could not muster a challenge on Sowa.  Martin finished third.

The second Bandolero feature was smoother, as a green-to-checkered run for the division’s nightcap.  Forte took the early lead while teammates Sowa and Morin lined up to get around Martin for second on lap-3, then continued working together to move to Forte’s inside in a power move down the back chute of lap-5.

Sowa and Martin stayed aligned to pull out ahead of Forte.  They raced that way past halfway, stretching their lead over Forte in third place.  Exciting turn four racing to lap-16, Morin made a diving move down the frontstretch to take the lead from Sowa by the time they reached turn one.  Morin closed out the win over the final four laps.  Sowa placed second, while Forte held down third. 


Porter took the lead from Mike Maskell at halfway of the 20-lap Super X-Car event.  Maskell, who led from lap-2, withstood a restart on lap-7 following a caution for a spin by R.J. Cunningham.  The restart pitted Porter to Maskell’s outside where he remained after the green flag was back over the field.  Porter inched his way alongside Maskell, eventually taking over on lap-10. 

From there, Porter went on to pull out to a three-car advantage.  He raced to his first checkered flag on the year after returning from an off-season injury.  Ed Ryan raced well over the final half of the race to take second on the final lap from Maskell, who finished third. 

In the X-Car main event, Chris Ivory raced to the early lead but slowed dramatically on lap-4, retiring to the infield and turning the race lead over to Onie Pierce.  Behind the leader, Melissa Clavette held second position and Garside cut through heavy traffic to come up to third position. Pierce led through caution on lap-6 when Brad Voglesong encountered trouble racing through traffic breaking suspension on his car, slowing on the apron for the race’s only caution period.

Following the yellow, Garside went to work.  He wasted no time racing around both Clavette and Pierce by lap-7.  Mike Trask worked by both Pierce and Clavette to second position.  As Garside and Trask moved out from a very competitive field behind, Mike Marvin and Randy Johnston both were next to break through into third and fourth just after halfway.  They looked to track down the top-two under green flag conditions.

The caution flag would not appear again in the 20-lap feature, and Garside’s advantage was too much to overcome. He took his second career win.  Marvin rallied by Trask in the final laps to claim second, with Trask holding third position to the checkered flag.  Johnston reclaimed the top spot in the championship standings with a fourth place finish.  Dan D’addario finished fifth.

Lee out-maneuvered the field of X-Car competitors to take the night’s Wacky race, a Flag Pole event.  The event was not without some late race drama, as coming to the checkered flag Lee actually got crossed up and collected second place runner Onie Pierce.  Lee benefitted by clearing the obstacles at hand to grab the checkered flag, his first of the year.

Waterford Speedbowl 8/24 Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday Unofficial Results and Standings:

Legends Cars (20-laps):
1. Dana Dimatteo, Farmington;  2. Matthew Pappa, Nassau, NY;  3. Ed Field, Deep River;  4. Joe Mucciacciaro, Wolcott;  5. Angelo Belsito, Auburn, MA;  6. Troy Talman, Oxford, MA;  7. Peter Cirilli, Farmington;  8. Nicholas Lascuola, Brockton, MA;  9. David Caissie, Marlboro, MA;  10. Joseph Parker, Weymouth, MA;  11. Dennis Pantani, Branford;  12. Arthur Marrero, Baltic;  13. Timothy Heath, Lebanon;  14. Scott McKnickle, Ledyard;  15. Carl Blandina, Milford;  16. Dave Garbo Jr., Stonington;  17. Dan Butler, Waterford;  18. Jeff Rocco, Wallingford;  19. Stan Carpenter, Auburn, MA;  20. Taylor Martin, Windham, NH; DNS Christopher Kearney, Ellington;  DNS -  George Whitney, Westbrook

Bandoleros Race #1 (20-laps):
1. Nicholas Sowa, Middletown;  2. Daniel Stolte, Northbridge, MA;  3. Taylor Martin, Windham, NH;  4. Rachel Forte, Douglas, MA;  5. Andrew Molleur, Shelton;  6. Alan Eastman, Fishers Island, NY;  7. Derek Debbis, Oakdale;  8. Jordan Lamothe, Woodstock;  9. Corey Comeroski, Lebanon;  10. Cory Dimatteo, Farmington;  11. Jacob Perry, Pawcatuck;  12. Ken Morin Jr., Old Saybrook;  13. Joey Ternullo, Middletown;  14. Rene Morgillo, Niantic;  15. Jordan Churchill, Lisbon

Bandoleros Race #2 (20-laps):  1. Morin;  2. Sowa;  3. Forte;  4. Perry;  5. Ternullo;  6. Martin;  7. Morgillo;  8. Comeroski;  9. C. Dimatteo;  10. Molleur;  11. Churchill;  12. Debbis;  DNS Stolte;  DNS Lamothe;  DNS – Eastman

Super X-Cars (20-laps): 1. Jon Porter, Canterbury;  2. Ed Ryan, Preston;  3. Mike Maskell, Quaker Hill;  4. Ken Cassidy Sr., Lisbon;  5. Ken Downing III, Branford;  6. R.J. Cunningham, Durham;  7. Kevin Moon, Exeter, RI;  8. Bill Reiman, Southington;  9. Frank Alessio, Colchester;  10. Dan Moon, Exeter, RI;  11. Eric Finkbein, Colchester;  12. Jim Boyle, East Windsor;  13. Dan Butler, Waterford;  14. Ralph Caddick, Hope Valley, RI;  15. Robert Norman, Clinton;  16. Bo Norman, Clinton

X-Cars (20-laps):  1. Chris Garside, Waterford;  2. Mike Trask, Plainfield;  3. Randy Johnston, Westerly, RI;  4. Dan D’addario, Columbia;  5. Pete Zaikarite, Niantic;  6. Shawn Stula, Colchester;  7. Larry Loomis, Plainfield;  8. Wayne Shifflett, Preston;  9. Brad Voglesong, Middletown;  10. Danny Gervais, East Hartford;  11. Melissa Clavette, Bozrah;  12. Onie Pierce, Norwich;  13. Javier Rivera, Willimantic;  14. Scott Bellisle, Griswold;  15. Robert Carlson, Rockfall;  16. Christopher Lee, Uncasville;  17. Bill Giles, Stratford;  18. David Lloyd, Mystic;  19. Josh Barrie, Voluntown;  20. Kim Bickford, Griswold;  21. Chuck McDonald, Groton;  22. Kristie Hamel, Jewett City;  23. Richard Mollo, Seymour;  24. Jeremy Bourbeau, Taftville;  25. Christopher Ivory, Oakdale;  DQ – Mike Marvin, Colchester;  DNS Scott Limkemann, East Lyme

Wacky X-Car Flagpole Race:  1. Christopher Lee, Uncasville;  2. Rob Carlson, Rockfall;  3. Kristie Hamel, Jewett City;  4. Chuck McDonald, Groton;  5. Onie Pierce, Norwich;  6. Richard Mollo, Seymour;  7. Kim Bickford, Griswold;  8. Brad Voglesong, Middletown;  9. Chris Garside, Waterford


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