Helpful tips to make your visit to the Speedbowl enjoyable:

* Although we require mufflers on racecars to compete, races are noisy and proper ear protection is suggested, especially for children. Headphones or earplugs may come in handy!

* Pets are not permitted in the facility at any time

* Shirt and shoes are required for admission

* At no time shall access to the racing surface be permitted, unless otherwise approved by a Speedbowl official



Where do I park? Waterford Speedbowl offers acres of FREE parking right at our doorstep. We offer VIP and handicap accessible parking, which is located adjacent to the Box Office and main grandstands entrance. Proper permits are required to park in these areas. Please visit The Facility section to see a map of this area

Who gets to park in VIP Parking? Anyone displaying a valid 2012 Speedbowl VIP Parking Pass or anyone who purchases a one night VIP parking pass. Nightly passes may be purchased on theevent night at the VIP Parking Lot entrance. Season long VIP Parking Passes are available for purchase for any Season ticket or pit pass holder. Please contact the Track Office for more details.

Where should I sit to watch the races? Waterford Speedbowl is general admission seating, so feel free to pick your favorite vantage point and enjoy! Every seat enables you to see the entire racing surface.

How long do events usually last? Most regularly scheduled Saturday night and Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday events take between 2 to 3 hours to complete the main events depending on the number of races scheduled, not including any qualifying events that may take place. Special Events may be longer. Qualifying events typically last 1 to 2 hours.

Can I bring in a cooler? Yes you may bring in a cooler as long as it does not contain any alcoholic beverages or glass containers. The cooler may not be larger than 14”. Speedbowl Management reserves the right to search your cooler upon entry or at anytime during your visit.

What does the Speedbowl offer for food and beverage? We have an item for just about everyone in your family from pizza to burgers to Italian Sausage grinders. We also offer fresh pretzels, fried dough, soft serve ice cream, popcorn, fries, onion rings, nachos and a wide selection of brand name candies.  The Speedbowl proudly serves Pepsi soft drinks as well as a selection of coffees, hot cocoa, and fine teas. For the adults we carry Budweiser, Bud Light and other assorted beers, malt liquors, and wine coolers. You must be 21 years of age to purchase these and valid ID is required.

Is re-entry permitted? Re-entry is permitted once per event. Keep your ticket stub and receive a hand stamp at the main gate by our guest services team who will authorize re-entry and answer any questions you may have upon exit.

Can I bring my own alcohol with me to the Speedbowl? No, you may not bring any alcohol with you to events held on the Waterford Speedbowl Property. This includes the storing or consumption of alcohol in the Pit Area, Grandstands, midway, bathrooms or parking area. We do offer alcohol for those patrons of age to be consumed in a proper manner in the midway and certain sections of the grandstands.

Can I pre-purchase tickets? Yes, you may pre-purchase in bulk for events. We do offer season passes good for the entire Saturday event race season. For individual events, we offer advance ticket orders for large groups or corporate events. Please contact us for more details.

I will be going to the Speedbowl for the first time soon, what should I bring/expect? Expect having a great experience. We recommend arriving about 30 minutes before the racing is set to begin, so be sure to check the schedule of events on the web site. Arriving 30 minutes before racing will ensure you ample time to park, purchase tickets at the box office and to find a seat. Stop by the midway to get some refreshments. Our announcing team will keep you updated with the schedule of events for the evening.  The seating faces southwest, so be sure to bring sunglasses for the first part of the evening as the sun will face you as it sets. It can often get much cooler out after sundown, so be sure to have a sweatshirt or jacket handy. The stands are wooden bleachers which don’t bother most but some do prefer to bring a cushion or lay a blanket down for more comfort.

Can I use a credit card at the Speedbowl? Of course, we accept all major credit cards at our Box Office for ticket purchases. We do however only accept cash for the concession stands. We have an ATM machine at the track located across from the front entrance for your convenience.

What about the new Sales & Admission Tax? All of our prices subject to tax are tax inclusive unless stated otherwise, including concession food and beverage and ticket admission sales.


If you have questions that we haven’t answered, don’t hesitate to let us know! Please contact us.