Speedbowl announces changes to personnel, penalties

Waterford, CT (May 29, 2014) – Waterford Speedbowl management announced today the creation of a new position, penalties following Saturday, May 24th’s racing program, and the departure of one member of their staff.

The new position of Race Vehicle Safety Coordinator has been created. The sole responsibility of the newly created position will be overseeing that all cars participating in the Speedbowl’s track race divisions are compliant with track mandated safety regulations. The position will be filled on an interim basis by veteran Speedbowl competitor Bill Leonard. Candidates are currently being sought to fill the position moving forward. The position of Race Vehicle Safety Coordinator will report directly to the Race Director, Patrick Williams.

As a result of inspections during the May 24th race program, SK Modified® division competitors Craig Lutz and Keith Rocco were each fined $500.00 for failure to abide by rule 2.11.5 D of the Speedbowl rulebook. The rule requires the use of wheel tethers on the front wheels of SK Modified® cars.

Also announced today was the departure of long time SK Modified® division tech inspector Everett Marvin.

“We take safety very seriously at the Speedbowl, but despite our best intentions things were obviously overlooked by us as well as the racers involved” said Speedbowl owner Terry Eames. “We know Bill Leonard will create a system of safety verification that will prevent this from happening again” Eames continued. “Today’s announcements are in line with where we intend to be”.

The position of Race Vehicle Safety Coordinator will be in place beginning with this Saturday, May 31st’s Four Cylinder Fury race program.


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