The Street Stock


Known as the Sportman division until 2009, the Street Stock’s are one of the most competitive of the Speedbowl’s divisions. Old-fashioned, hard-nosed racing is the centerpiece of this division which many see as reminiscent of “the way it used to be.” It is the division that has been a bridge to stardom for many of the region’s superstars including current Speedbowl sleuths Keith Rocco, Corey Hutchings, Allen Coates, Diego Monahan to name but a few. If it’s true that Rubbin’ is Racin’ then the Speedbowl’s Street Stock Division is all about Racin’! These cars are close enough to stock and so evenly matched that getting to the front often requires at least a little contact. Features are always exciting where any one of up to a dozen different cars can win on any given night.

The division competes in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at the track.


Former Waterford Speedbowl Street Stock division champions


1977  Bob Faiella 1997   Chris “Moose” Douton*
1978  Ed Reed Sr 1998   Corey Hutchings*
1979  Ed Yarrington Jr 1999   Chris “Moose” Douton*
1980 – 1987          division inactive
2000   Ted Dupre*
1988  Bruce Adams 2001   Shawn Monahan*
1989  Alan Wohlstrom 2002   Adam Smith
1990  David Blain 2003   Ed Gertsch Jr.**
1991  Mike Holdridge 2004   Keith Rocco**
1992  Glenn Boss** 2005   Norm Root Jr.*
1993  Glenn Boss** 2006   Dwayne Dorr*
1994  Charles Bailey III 2007   Dwayne Dorr*
1995 Bud Kuehne 2008   Al Stone III**
1996  Allen Coates*   2009    Brandon Plemons*


2010 Al Stone III*
2011 Ed Puleo*
2012  Walt Hovey Jr.*
2013  Corey Hutchings**

*Active Waterford Speedbowl Street Stock division competitor
** Active Waterford Speedbowl competitor
- 1988-1991, 1995-2000 – division name was Strictly Stocks
– 1992-1994 – division name was Limited Sportsman
– 2001-2008 – division name was Sportsman