The SK Modified ®


With over 400 horsepower, tires 15 inches wide and a total weight of only 2600 pounds, the SK Modified® is truly built for speed and nothing else. The SK Modified is Connecticut´s own version of a Whelen Modified, NASCAR´s oldest racing division. They compete at the Speedbowl as our premier division in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. Many of today´s best-known NASCAR drivers drove these cars on their way to fame.

When you´re sitting in the Speedbowl´s grandstand just feet away from the front straightaway and the SK Modifieds take the green flag, you know why these cars are called Ground Pounders. When you watch them race side-by-side, lap after lap, so close it seems that the drivers forgot that they have no fenders, then you know why SK Modified® races are considered by many fans as the most exciting in all of motorsports.

Did you know that “Modifieds” have been racing at the Speedbowl from opening day continuously for the track´s entire 62-year history. First called “Jalopies”, by 1954 they came to be known by NASCAR´s name, Modifieds. In the early 80’s, Stafford Motor Speedway created the “SK” version that races today at the Speedbowl.

Dennis Gada (#3) won the 2008 Championship in the Speedbowl’s premier division, it was his record 7th SK Modified Championship at the historic shoreline oval, the most of any single competitor to ever race the famed three-eighths mile oval.

In 2010, Keith Rocco became the Speedbowl’s first competitor to earn the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national championship. Rocco began his racing career in the Speedbowl’s Street Stock division before quickly becoming one of today’s top racing stars throughout Connecticut, and the country!


Former Waterford Speedbowl Modified champions

1951 Dave Humphrey 1985 Rick Fuller
1952 Dick Beauregard 1986 Bob Potter
1953 Melvin “Red” Foote 1987 Bob Potter
1954 Fred Luchesi 1988 Dickie “Doo” Ceravolo
1955 Don Collins 1989 Bob Potter
1956 Bill Slater 1990 Dave Gada
1957 Don Collins 1991 Ricky Young
1958 Melvin “Red” Foote 1992 Ted Christopher*
1959 Bill Slater 1993 Jerry Pearl
1960 Don Collins 1994 Dave Gada
1961 Ted Stack 1995 Jimmy Broderick
1962 Dick Beauregard 1996 Jimmy Broderick
1963 Don Collins 1997 Todd Ceravolo*
1964 Ray Delisle 1998 Jeff Pearl*
1965 Sal “Dee” Delucia 1999 Dennis Gada*
1966 Charlie Webster 2000 Dennis Gada*
1967 Newt Palm 2001 Dennis Gada*
1968 Newt Palm 2002 Dennis Gada*
1969 Don Collins 2003 Dennis Gada*
1970 Walt Dombrowski 2004 Ed Reed Jr.
1971 Joe Trudeau 2005 Rob Summers
1972 Dick Dunn 2006 Dennis Gada*
1973 Dick Dunn 2007 Rob Janovic Jr.*
1974 Dick Dunn 2008 Dennis Gada*
1975 Dick Dunn 2009     Ron Yuhas Jr.*
1976 Bob Potter 2010    Keith Rocco*
1977 George “Moose” Hewitt 2011   Keith Rocco*
1978 George “Moose” Hewitt  2012  Tyler Chadwick*
1979 Rick Donnelly  2013 Keith Rocco*
1980 Bob Potter
1981 George “Moose” Hewitt
1982 George “Moose” Hewitt
1983 Bob Potter
1984 George “Moose” Hewitt
Bruce “Gomer” Taylor


* Active Waterford Speedbowl SK Modified competitors