The Mini Stock



Once considered the Speedbowl’s “entry division,” the four-cylinder Mini Stocks have developed into a solid, self-sustaining group.  The division first came to the Speedbowl on Saturday nights in 1995.   There are really not a lot of secrets left.  If you want to win you better figure on side-by-side racing.

Current Speedbowl drivers that started off in the Mini Stocks and progressed through the ranks include  Bruce Thomas Jr., Brandon Plemons, Diego Monahan and others.

The Mini Stocks compete in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program, routinely placing competitors among the tops in the nation for their class of the series.


Former Waterford Speedbowl Mini Stock Champions

1995 Jeff Karns
1996 Dan Darnstaedt**
1997 Bruce Thomas Sr.
1998 Jeff Miller
1999 Jeff Miller
2000 Jimmy Pont
2001 Bruce Thomas Jr.**
2002 Brandon Plemons**
2003 Joe Perry**
2004 Glen Colvin*
2005 Danny Field*
2006 Danny Field*
2007 Ken Cassidy Jr.*
2008 Ken Cassidy Jr.*
2009 Danny Field*
2010 Ken Cassidy Jr.*
2011 Glen Colvin*
2012 Ken Cassidy Jr.*
2013 Ken Cassidy Jr.*

* Active Waterford Speedbowl Mini Stock Competitor
** Active Waterford Speedbowl Competitor