The Late Model



A hybrid version of NASCAR’s Late Model Stock Car, the Speedbowl’s Late Models run under the sponsorship of Bob Valenti’s Auto Mall of Mystic, CT. While they have the appearance of a street car, there’s little else about these rockets that you can call “stock”. They sport over 400 horsepower, 10 inch slicks and full bodies from cars like the Chevy Monte Carlo, Ford Fusion, Dodge Charger and Toyota Camry. They compete at the Speedbowl in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. Everybody’s been there. Bumper to bumper, steaming hot inside your car, the driver next to you seems so close you could reach over and touch him, and you can’t see a way to get out of the jam-up. That’s about what a Speedbowl Late Model driver is up against every week. The only difference is they’re hurtling around the track at close to 100 mph! This division is so evenly matched that it’s not uncommon to see the first 4 or 5 cars finish “under a blanket”.

Phil Rondeau, who won an impressive 6 division championships, is the all-time Speedbowl wins leader and only driver to win more than 100 feature events at the historic shoreline oval.

Many of the Speedbowl’s very best all-time racers have competed in the division, making it one of the favorites of many fans at the track.


Former Waterford Speedbowl Late Model division champions

1971 Bob Gada 1990 Jay Stuart
1972 Ron Cote 1991 Phil Rondeau
1973 Mike Daigneault 1992 Phil Rondeau
1974 Rick Elnicki 1993 Tom Fox
1975 Don Fowler 1994 Jay Stuart
1976 Don Fowler 1995 Tom Fox
1977 Wayne “Mysterious” Smith 1996 John Brouwer Jr.
1978 Don Fowler 1997 Ed Reed Jr.
Dick LaFlesh 1998 Allen Coates**
1979 Bob Gada 1999 Jay Stuart
1980 Harry Rice 2000 Jay Stuart
1981 Harry Rice 2001 Allen Coates**
1982 Andy Guimond 2002 Allen Coates**
1983 Art Moran Jr. 2003 Corey Hutchings**
1984 C.J. Frye 2004 Corey Hutchings**
1985 Phil Rondeau 2005 Mark St. Hiliare
1986 Brian McCarthy 2006 Timmy Jordan**
1987 Phil Rondeau 2007 Bruce Thomas Jr.*
1988 Phil Rondeau 2008 Bruce Thomas Jr.*
1989 Phil Rondeau 2009     Bruce Thomas Jr.*

2010    Timmy Jordan**
2011    Jeff Smith*
2012    Dillon Moltz*
2013    Keith Rocco* 

* Active Waterford Speedbowl Late Model competitor
** Active Waterford Speedbowl competitor

- 1971-1974 division name was Sportsman Sedans
– 1975-1979 division name was Grand Americans
– 1980-1986 division name was Super Stocks
– 1987-1998; 2001-present division name is Late Models
– 1999-2000 division name was American Challenge Series