Outlaw Stock division part of Speedbowl’s Finale Weekend in 2011

Waterford Speedbowl is welcoming back an open competition style stock car race as part of Finale Weekend once again in 2011.   A tradition over the past few seasons, the popular 25-lap Outlaw Stock race is back again in 2011 and will run on Saturday, October 8 as part of Finale Weekend at the track, held October 7-9. 


The Outlaw Stock division welcomes most any rear-wheel drive American made car or truck with at least a 105” wheelbase from across New England’s short tracks.  Engine rules are a steel block, steel heads, and any single carburetor. 


In year’s past, competitors from tracks far and wide including Seekonk Speedway, Stafford Motor Speedway, Thompson Speedway and travelling series such as the New England Truck Series have all been part of the action.  Bragging rights for supremacy will once again be part of the drama that unfolds for the Outlaw Stock race.


Rules for the division can be viewed below.  Any questions about car or driver eligibility should be directed to Speedbowl Race Director Scott Tapley at [email protected].


2011 Waterford Speedbowl



1.0  General Division Description-

This is basically a “run what you brung” division, for stock frame Late Model / Street Stock race cars.

The Waterford Speedbowl reserves the right to request changes to any race car to ensure safe and equal competition. 


1.1  Approved Models-

Any type rear wheel drive American made car with at least a 105” wheelbase is allowed. No convertible, home-made, or modified frames allowed.


1.2  Body and Frame Details-

All Frames must be stock. You may remove or replace the rear crossmember for rear suspension modifications. Upper and lower a-frames may be fabricated and/or relocated. Front and rear firewalls and floor must be stock or fabricated with a minimum of .031 steel.


1.3  Engine Cooling System-

Any automotive style radiator is allowed. Mechanical or electrical fans are allowed. Water and water wetter are the only coolants allowed.


1.4  Exhaust System-

Exhaust systems must exit behind the drivers compartment. You must use a Lobak # RCM-30-12-30 or Moroso #94050 muffler on each exhaust pipe.


1.5  Transmission-

Any stock OEM transmission is allowed. No modifications to the transmissions are allowed.


1.6  Driveshaft-

Driveshafts must be steel and painted white. U-joints must be steel. Two steel driveshaft hoops must be installed to keep driveshaft in car.


1.7  Rear Axle Assembly-

Stock OEM rear axle housings must be used. It must be a closed axle type rear.


1.8  Engine-

The engine must meet the following:

Stock OEM steel production block.

Steel cylinder heads.

One carburetor of any size.

387 cubic inch maximum.

One engine allowed.




1.9  Fuel System-

Automotive type pump fuel or racing gas only. No Nitrous, Methanol, or Alcohol allowed.

Mechanical OEM type fuel pump only.

Fuel shut-off valve required, must be clearly labeled and within driver’s reach.

An approved Fuel Cell, a maximum of 22 gallons must be used. It must be mounted in the trunk area, between the frame rails, in a suitable steel tubing structure. The steel tubing must support and protect the fuel cell from all 4 sides. The fuel cell may be no lower than 10” off the ground at all times. A “fuel cell saver” bar made out of a minimum of 1-1/2” diameter steel tubing must installed left-to-right across the back of the frame rails, behind the fuel cell, and it must extend down to at least the bottom of the fuel cell for protection.


2.0 Brake System-

Hydraulic brakes that operate all 4 wheels are mandatory.


2.1 Wheels-

Racing style steel wheels are mandatory. No stock OEM wheels are allowed


2.2 Tires-

Any 7” treaded racing tire is allowed. No recaps or tire soaking is allowed.


2.3  Roll Cage -

Typical 4-point roll cage required. Must be made of 1-3/4 outside diameter steel tubing. 4 Drivers side door bars, convex in shape required.  4 Passenger side door bars required. All doorbars must have 2 vertical uprights welded between each of them. The two bottom doorbars must have 2 vertical bars welded to the frame rails. Front and rear hoops are mandatory, and must be made out of a minimum of 1-1/2” diameter steel tubing.






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