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Alot of people are expected out tonight, as they didn’t get to race last week. Along with the ragular show of Comp, Street & Bike, tonight we have the first of four Jr. Shootouts for the kids that are 14 and younger.

We have some interesting things going on in the HDRA world outside of Waterford. Papa’s Dodge has a Car Cruise every third Wednesday called “Rippin’ Rubber”. It’s a Cruise, plus they have a Burnout Pit, which is actually on the begining of a long unused road. We will be there July 18th with our timing system. We will alternate between rounds of burnouts and drags. The format will be single lane, as the road is not wide enough to do two wide. Cost to run is a donation… whatever you want to throw in the bucket… proceeds go to the Special Olympics. Up to now they’ve only had street cars, but they would welcome all out racers to join in.

DIRT: For several years we’ve looked at doing our format on dirt, targeting mainly Street Trucks. One of missions at HDRA is to provide another source of revenue for Stock Car Tracks. Think about this… track operators only have 30-50 days of revenue, but still have 365 days worth of bills. The season is short… perhaps 6 months out of the year, yet the facilities are still closed more days during the week than they are open. We give them the opportunity to have the track open another 25 – 30 days utilizing what would otherwise be a closed facility.

Up to now we’ve focused only on paved surfaces. Pursuing the dirt format will now give us an opportunity to help dirt track operators as well as their paved counterparts. Of course, doing this on dirt also opens up other venues and opportunities, mainly fairgrounds. So… in the past two weeks we have been actively pursuing the local fairgrounds, and things are happening at a very fast pace. This is what we have so far:

HEBRON FAIRGORUNDS, Hebron, CT – STREET TRUCK DIRT DRAGS & TRUCK SHOW. We have a tentative date of Sunday July 22nd, all starting at 4pm. We are looking to finalize the paperwork this coming week. We are also looking to get an additional date at the very end of the season.

DURHAM FAIRGROUNDS, Durham, CT – STREET TRUCK DIRT DRAGS. We just had a meeting with them last night. Tentative date is Saturday July 28th, starting at 4pm. We will know soon. If this works out for them, we have a shot at being back and doing the drags at their Fair Saturday afternoon, September 27th, or some other date.

The Portland Fairgrounds is also very interested in the possibility of having us, so we are hoping we can get one or two dates from them this season. We’ve also been in touch with Goshen Fair (Goshen, CT), as well as the Washington County Fair in RI.

BACK TO PAVEMENT: On Long Island there will be an all-Ford Car Show at Stevens 112 Ford in Patchogue, NY. HDRA will be on hand with the timing equipment set up behind the dealership. After the show we will be doing side by side Holeshot Drags, which is open to everybody, including non-Fords. It’ll be more of a Run-For-Fun type of event, where everybody can blow off some steam without having to look in the rear view mirror. We’re sure we will see people setting up grudge runs as well. Should be a fun day. NOTE: We are looking for Hot Ford Street and Race cars to be part of the Car Show. The dealership wants us to set up a Cacklefest, firing off the cars every 45 minutes or so at the same time.

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