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May 5, 2012

We’re excited about Sunday’s opening! We’ll be graced with great weather! We thought back to last October, and remembered that the crowd coming in was pretty thin at 10am, so we’re going to open at 11am instead. There will be plenty of time to get ready for test &tune, which starts at 12 

We had plans tomorrow to hand out trophies for the top 10 from 2011, but we are finding many of those that are to receive them will be away and will not be with us until the first Friday (May 11th, 5 days from now). We feel better about doing presentations in front of a regular Friday night crowd. There are also many things going on at the ‘Bowl tomorrow. Along with dealing with new equipment, the additional racing, plus the SXR series go-karts there the same day, I believe we will be busy enough. Those that paid for the banquet that never was will have a refund envelope waiting for them. We will do things differently next year so this never happens again. See you race day! Don’t forget to bring your friends!

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