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May 11, 2012

Tonight starts our Friday Night racing. Pits open at 5:30, and Test & Tune starts at 6:30. We are looking forward to a great field of competitors!

Changes for 2012:

1. We are putting the AWD and 4WD cars and trucks back into STREET ELIMINATOR if they are fully street legal, and are not running DOT drag radials or DOT drag slicks. It was an experiment that had mixed results, but afte looking at it for a season, we feel it’s best to keep all street cars in STREET, period.

2. All pit personel will pay and sign  the insurance waiver as usual when coming into the pits on EVERY race day. The change is that ALL competitors must go to the Pit Tower (where we have the drivers meeting) to sign in. One of the things lacking in the past is a driver roster for the night for the announcer. This will give the announcer an opportunity to be able to give accurate information to the spectators. It will alo help keep our paperwork in better order.

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