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May 29, 2012

The 2.50 Index Race scheduled this past Friday has been rescheduled for this Friday, June 1st. Last weeks weather was a big factor in rescheduling. The weather for the day was borderline to begin with, and once the fog started to roll in, it was just a question as to when we would lose the track. We timed it perfectly by finishing the program early. If the program went 5 minutes later we would have had to cancel.

Any car or motorcycle that can run 2.99 or faster can participate in this weeks extra event. This is the first time we’ve had an event that includes cars and bikes in the same race. This is a heads-up event, and we’re going to try out the Pro-Tree (0.500).

Sub 2 second runs! Phil Rondeau and Tommy Gaudreau both ran multiple 1.9’s during the test & tune session, as well as the eliminations. Both cars managed 1.90’s and 1.91’s! Is running in the 1.8’s regularly coming next?

New at the ‘Bowl for HDRA is the addition of a speed trap. We asked the drivers which they preferred, 60 foot times or MPH, and the MPH won. We haven’t gone through all our files yet, but we saw Gaudreau hit 58.9 mph in one of his runs. Pretty fast for 100 feet!

SHOOTOUTS! We will be starting up our Shootout schedule in a couple weeks. Check out our schedule. June 15th (2 weeks) will see a Shootout for Front Wheel Drive 4 cylinder cars. Mustangs will have their Shootout the following week on June 22nd! There is a Shootout every week right through August. We left most of September open in case we had to reschedule a Shootout they maybe lost due to weather.

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