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All-GM Shootout this Friday at the Speedbowl. Anybody that has been to our events knows how diverse the field of competitors are. However, by far, GM vehicles outnumber all other brands. This will most likely be our biggest Shootout of the season. All GM cars and trucks are eligible for this Friday’s event after they run in their respective class.
Rain, rain, go away! No question the recent weather has presented it’s challenges. It was no diffeerent this past weekend. W called the races at Waterford on Friday, and it turned out to be the right decision. While the sun came out at 5, the rains came back in full force at 7.
On Sunday, we had our first event at the Putnam Main Street Cruise. The forecast a few days before was fantastic. Of course we woke up to rain on show day. We ended up running an abbreviated event as the weather only allowed us to run for about an hour. But it still was a fun event, and the bleachers were full.
We also tried something new for us… a 60 foot format. It was our opinion that our normal 100 foot format would not allow for a safe shutdown area. The 60 foot distance was chosen as that number is a standard at other longer tracks. It’s the first time that shows on the time slip. After seeing Sunday’s event, we now can pursue other venues with confidence, including indoor winter shows.
Dirt Drags and Truck Show: The next Dirt event is at the Lebanon Fairgrounds on Saturday Sept. 15th, with the next day as a rain date. Our first two shows were incredibly popular, and people are chomping at the bit to go racing again.
Truck Toyz from Colchester will be back again to put on a Truck Show, for those that don’t want to compete. We had a nice turnout for out Hebron show.
Quads are now beng added to the program for this event. We’ve been getting many requests to run them, so we’ll be adding them to this program. There may be a time in the future where we would have a seperate day for them. We’ll see how the turnout is. Should be fun.
Holeshot Drag Nationals:While there is still plenty of racing left this season, it won’t be long before the 3rd annual  Holeshot Drag Nationals are here. We are staying with the same basic format at last year… a one day show with multible Eliminaters and Shootouts. Some of the Shootouts may be changed a little, but the end result will be the same… Most competitors will be able to compete in 3 to 4 events that day.
The date is Saturday October 13th at 12 noon, with the next day as a rain date. 

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As always, more information can be found on Speedbowl.com under the ‘Friday’ drop down menu from the site’s navigation bar.

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