Wings & Wheels featuring SK & SK Light Mods, ISMA, VMRS, NEMA racing

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Saturday, August 9th

W&W2014-FULLThe 7th Annual Wings & Wheels featuring Valenti Modified Racing Series, ISMA, NEMA, SK Modifieds and SK Light Modifieds 

 *Event schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check back for detailed event schedule including all times, pricing and information

5:00 PM  Qualifying Races
6:25 PM  National Anthem
6:30 PM  Feature Events
Adult Grandstands  $  38
Youth Grandstands  $    10
Pit Area Licensed  $ 45
Pit Area NonLicensed  $  55

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Saturday, August 9, 2014
7th Annual Wings & Wheels
Time Event Length
11:00 AM Pit Gates Open
12:00 PM Rotating Practice
SK Light Modified
SK Modified®
1:00 PM Grandstands Open
2:00-3:00 PM Valenti Modified Racing Series 1-Hour Open Practice
3:00-4:00 PM ISMA Super Modified Practice  1-Hour Open Practice
4:30 PM Drivers Meeting NWAAS teams (behind scoreboard)
5:00 PM Qualifying Races
SK Modified® 10 – Laps
NEMA 10 – Laps
ISMA Super Modified 12 – Laps
SK Light Modified 10 – Laps
Valenti Modified Racing Series 12 – Laps
NEMA Consi (If needed) 12 – Laps
ISMA Consi (If needed) 10 – Laps
Valenti Modified Racing Series Consi (If needed) 15 – Laps
TBD Autograph Session: ISMA, NEMA, VMRS (behind grandstands)
6:30 PM National Anthem
6:35 PM Feature Events
SK Modified® (teams are asked to load up after feature to create VMRS pit road) 35 – Laps
NEMA 25 – Laps
NEMA Lite 25 – Laps
ISMA Super Modified 50 – Laps
SK Light Modified 25 – Laps
Valenti Modified Racing Series 100 – Laps
10:30 PM Estimated Event End Time
Admission Pit Area Parking Social Media
Adult Grandstands  $  38  North Pit: VMRS, NEMA, SKL   @Speedbowl, @NASCARHomeTrack, @ISMASupers, @ModRacingSeries, #Wings&Wheels, #SKMod, #NWAAS
Youth Grandstands  $  10  South Pit: SK, ISMA
Pit Area Licensed  $  45
Pit Area NonLicensed  $  55
This schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice
This event schedule was last updated Tuesday, July 29, 2014 10:19 PM

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Twitter handles: @Speedbowl, #NWAAS, #WingsandWheels

Instagram handles: @Speedbowl, #Speedbowl

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