Motor Jam Spectator Drag Racing Sho and Go Special

Sunday, September 7th


2014-MotorJamSpecialSho & Go at the Bowl Motor Jam Special

Spectator Drag Racing special hosted by the Waterford Speedbowl’s Sho and Go at the Bowl program.

Spectator Drag Racing: Competition Class, Street Class, Bike Class*

THIS SPECIAL EVENT WILL ONLY ALLOW FOR A MAXIMUM OF 48 COMPETITORS (approx. 16 vehicles per class). Advanced pre-registration is available to weekly Sho & Go competitors currently in the top-15 in point standings for their respective class. See below for available spots by pre-registration. Additional registration will be based on a first come, first serve basis on Sunday, September 7th. Call 860-381-5801 or email [email protected] to pre-register.

*Event schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check back for detailed event schedule including all times, pricing and information


9:00 AM  South Pits Open
11:00 AM  Motor Jam event opens/starts
 2:00 PM  Drivers Meeting
2:50 PM  Track Opens for competitor staging
3:00 PM  Rotating Classes Test & Tune
3:30 PM  Intermission with Music Set on Stage
4:00 PM  Single Round Eliminations
4:30 PM  Approx. end time

Racer’s Entry Fee: $15

Any car, truck, bike and quad is eligible for participating in this special Sho & Go spectator drag racing event. There will be a limit of entries per class, see below. All Bike Class competitors or open cockpit cars/trucks are REQUIRED TO WEAR AN APPROVED HELMET.

Some basics: If you can drive your car on the street and have street tires you are most likely qualified for the Street Class. If you trailer your car and it has racing slicks/drag slicks/non DOT approved tires or major has major performance upgrades under the hood you are most likely qualified for the Competition Class. This is bracket style drag racing so you will use Dial-In Times (a form of handicapping to level the playing field with so many varieties of vehicles), so you do not need to have the biggest, baddest and fastest car to win, you just need to have good reaction times, shifting and smooth car control.

Pre Registered Competitors. To pre-register call 860-381-5801 or email [email protected]

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Car Driver Car Driver Bike Rider
1 6 Ryan Flanders 1 21 Paul Holmes 1 800 James Tedford
2 - TBD 2 271 Rick Taylor 2 1111 Ron Hoyle
3 - TBD 3 140 Warren Wright 3 161 Maxwell Carter
4 - TBD 4 799 Rebecca Taylor 4 1143 Jeff Shaw
5 - TBD 5 852 Richard Dubina 5 288 Jayson Barba
6 - TBD 6 416 Gerry Rodacsi 6 1418 Jenna Barba
7 - TBD 7 - TBD 7 246 Chuck Comeau
8 - TBD 8 - TBD 8 444 Eric Pratt
9 - TBD 9 - TBD 9 - TBD
10 - TBD 10 - TBD 10 - TBD
11 - TBD 11 - TBD 11 - TBD
12 - TBD 12 - TBD 12 - TBD
13 - TBD 13 - TBD 13 - TBD
14 - TBD 14 - TBD 14 - TBD
15 - TBD 15 - TBD 15 - TBD
16 - TBD 16 - TBD 16 - TBD

All drivers must fill out a 2014 Driver Registration form in order to compete when they arrive at Motor Jam. Save time and please fill out in advance and return to track on the day of the event. A list of available competitor numbers will be displayed at the driver registration tower in the pit area starting at 11am.

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